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Videos are the heart and soul of Happiness in Crafting. Since starting her YouTube Channel in 2018, Gi has now made more than 450 videos. Her passion is, and has always been, teaching Arts and Crafts. Whether it's showing you how to make a Junk Journal from start to finish, crafting the embellishments that go in it, or sharing the many tips and tricks she has picked up over the years, you will be sure to find them here.

About her channel and videos, Gi says: "When I started my YouTube Channel I never thought that one day I would have more than 65,000 subscribers and would have made so many videos. I can't thank my subscribers and viewers enough, every day their comments inspire me to continue and grow and constantly think of new things to do, so that we can all enjoy this wonderful hobby."

Crafting supplies can be expensive and at the end of the day crafting is all about using what you have to hand, be it cardboard from your cereal boxes, toilet roll tubes or scraps of fabric from no longer worn clothes, recycling is a crafter's staple. While it may mean hoarding what would otherwise be thrown out, Gi always tries to turn trash into treasure and here in the Recycle and Re-use series she shows what can be done with all those things that were once destined for the bin.

We all have lots of bits and pieces laying around and odd scraps of paper from digital kits that never got used. In this series of videos Gi puts them all to good use in an Eclectic Journal.

"I just love making paper clips. There is no better way to embellish a journal page than with beautiful paperclip."

Is there anything more relaxing and satisfying than paper folding? The origami videos are some of Gi's most popular. The Happiness in Crafting Facebook group is full of the wonderful origami dresses, shirts, pencils and even fish that the members continue to make. "Just by taking a piece of pretty paper and with a few simple folds you can make amazing embellishments for your journals, cards and craft projects, it will always be one of my favourite things to do."

No junk journal is complete without pockets and tucks. In these videos you find many different ways to make them.

Keeping track of every idea for a Junk Journal is nearly impossible and is why Gi created this series of videos in which each week she adds another idea or embellishment to her purpose made Reference Journal.

Over the years Gi has picked up many tips and tricks that she uses in her crafting and shares them here in a series of short videos.

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